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Beefy Chiefs 2.0 – July Prize Winners


Roberts walks length of Vancouver Island! Kruger most active minutes

Photo: Chief John Kruger wins in July for most active minutes

In July, those participating in the Step Up challenge walked a combined total of over 2820 km. Which is the same distance as walking from Whitehorse to Vancouver and then to Penticton.

Each month three Beefy Chiefs participants have the chance to win a Fitbit for a family member- we are excited to share with you this month’s big winners!

• The “Most Steps” winner for this month is Kim Roberts from Campbell River. She was able to take a whopping 715,815 steps! That’s almost the length of Vancouver Island! Kim ended up top in all of the categories but can only receive honours in one category at a time.
• The “Distance” award goes to Lee Anne Hunsbedt from Lytton. She was able to walk a distance of 217km. That’s the same as walking from Lytton to Hope and then back again.
• The final category was “Most active minutes” and this went to Chief John Kruger from Penticton. He was able to be very active for a total of 1254 minutes. That’s over 20 hours of activity.

Our random prize draw went to someone that had shown activity in July and had completed all of the required steps on their Fitbit page which included: Having your initials after your name, completing the “About Me” section and adding Active Admin as a friend. This month it goes to Nick Chowdhury from the Danaxdaxw Nation. In July, he was able to take 177,330 steps and be active for 346 minutes. Next month, we will choose another random person who has completed all of the steps required.

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