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Step up’ers walk around the entire world in September! (Well just about)


38,000 KM logged by First Nations Health Champions

It’s the beginning of October and soon our nights will start to get longer and colder. This may affect our distances and steps but with a supportive network and positive attitude we should be able to continue with our goal of staying active.

On the cold and lonely days, when all you want to do is stay in bed or sit on the couch and watch TV instead, remember this little fact: In September, the combined distance traveled by all of those in the Beefy Chiefs Challenge was around 38,000km, which is only 200km short of the distance around the world. Each of our contributions, big and small, helped make that possible. The effect that being active and staying active on ourselves, our families and communities can go around the world many times more.

Stay warm, stay safe and stay active!

September was a very active month for those taking part in the Challenge! We had people walking, running, hiking, hunting and exercising all in the name of activity.

  • Our Steps winner in September was Sheri Daw from the Lower Nicola Indian Band in the Interior. She was averaging over 25,000 steps a day which is a great accomplishment over a 30 day period.
  • Distance goes to our very first winner from Vancouver Coastal, Robert Clydesdale. He was able to travel over 352km in September. That’s a walk from Vancouver to Kamloops.
  • Our activity winner was Jannette Dennis from the Lower Similkameen Indian Band. Who spent a little over 72 hours (4338 minutes) staying very active in September.

Congratulations to all of our winners this month. We will be in contact and your Fitbit Flex will be in the mail as soon as possible.

In the forums, our Community Builder award goes to Christine Johnson (Esketemc) from the Interior. She has been replying to most of the forum messages with positivity and helpful feedback. It is very encouraging to see. Keep it up, Christine.

Our random prize goes to Mavis Berland Morris from Nak’azdli in the North. She had correctly entered her name, role, community and region to her profile. She has also added the ActiveAdminVC as a friend. You, too, could win a Fitbit by simply following these steps.

As of September 25, The Interior still has the most participants with 221 but the North is catching up with 126. The Fraser region has really answered the call for the challenge as registration increased by 58%. Vancouver Island has the smallest amount of registrants but still continue to do very well in the leaderboards. How will this change in the Winter months?

Register for the Step Up challenge here: http://www.regonline.ca/HealthLeadershipChallenge
If you have any questions about the Step Up Challenge please email: active@fnhc.ca