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Beefy Chiefs Step Up Challenge October Winners!


The Beefy Chiefs 2.0 STEP UP Challenge has reached two new milestones in October. This was the first month where we had a lot of cold and rainy days, the kind of days that would normally see a severe lack of activity. However, those taking up the challenge have found many ways to get up and be active. Some have bought wet weather gear; some are embracing the wet and cold, while others are looking to those around them for the motivation needed to be active. The First Nations Fit forums have been a great way to share these stories and experiences.

The other milestone is that the Beefy Chiefs 2.0 STEP UP Challenge has completed its first quarter and we are giving one-time community prizes out to those that have the most steps, longest distance and most active throughout August to October. Each of the winners has won sporting equipment for their communities’ worth over $1200. The winners for this quarter are:

Most Steps: John Powell from the Vancouver Island region has gone from strength to strength and is setting the pace for the challenge. His strength, determination and effort will see one of the community prizes going to Mamalilikala First Nation. From August to October he was able to take nearly 3.5 million steps which is over 1600km.

Longest Distance: Kim Roberts, who is also from Vancouver Island, has been doing great in the Beefy Chiefs 2.0 and continues to challenge John at the top of the leaderboards. The community she is representing is Kwakiutl District Council Health Centre. They can be proud in the effort that she made. She was able to walk over 1200km and is still going.

Most Active: Milly Price, rounds out the third community prize for being the most active. She racked up 12,988 active minutes this quarter. That is a little over 9 days of activity. These are amazing activity levels. Keep it up! Milly’s constant activity will see her prize going to We Wai Kai First Nation.

Next quarter, we will have different winners as these prizes are one-time only. However, our three quarterly champions are still eligible for the Grand Prize. Who will challenge for the top in the 2nd quarter from November to January? Which individuals, communities and regions will STEP UP?
The Vancouver Island region has really stamped their mark on this challenge in the first quarter. Will this domination awaken the other regions or will the Island continue its hold at the top of the leaderboard.

As was said before, October has been cold and wet but we have still been able to log those steps, get that distance and stay active. Despite the cold and wet conditions, First Nations have remained super active!  The 500 subscribers to First Nations Fit took over 87 million step in October traveling 54934.22 kilometers while staying active for 209457 minutes. Well done to all of those that got out and about in October. If you’re looking for motivation or for a partner to walk with in your region then please look at the forums. There are topics and comments there to help and invigorate. You may also find a long lost relative who is also participating that you would like to challenge. Don’t forget that you can win prizes for activity on the forums as well as activity outside.

Our individual steps winner for October was Warren Houde from the Penticton Indian Band in the Interior. He was averaging over 29,000 steps a day which is a great accomplishment over a 31 day period.

Distance goes to Wendy Ribbink from the Interior. She was able to travel over 378km in October. A walk that would take her from Kelowna to Vancouver.

From Seabird Island in the Fraser region, our activity winner was Linda McNeil-Bobb. She spent over 70 hours active in October. That’s being very active for almost 2.5 hours per day for 31 days.

A big “Congratulations” to all of our winners in October. We will be in contact and your Fitbit Flex will be in the mail as soon as possible. November is the start of the second quarter of our competition so previous monthly winners are now eligible for prizes again.

Our forum prizes go to the following people in October:
Sharon Duffy receives our Community Builder prize for both the quality and quantity of posts in October. Sharon was not only able to motivate but was a pillar of knowledge to those that needed it last month. Thank you and keep it up, Sharon.

Our Inspirational award goes to Kym B. She is from Fort Nelson First Nation in the North. Her inspirational post about challenges that she faces and overcoming them has inspired us all to do our best.

Our random prize goes to Diane Angus from the Seabird Island Band. She had correctly entered her name, role, community and region to her profile.

Watch the First Nations Health Council speak about why health is important for us:

Register for the Step Up challenge here:http://www.regonline.ca/HealthLeadershipChallenge
If you have any questions about the Step Up Challenge please email: active@fnhc.ca