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Life is good, Life is great, don’t wait to make these choices late in life – start now


I have spent most of my lifetime working hard to survive financially ensuring my family needs were met. I soon realized that was not enough, my physical and mental health was declining it was time that fitness became one of my top priorities.

I found myself on a new journey in life that included a better diet and an exercise program.

I had joined a gym which was a positive step, yet I still realized that no matter how much I worked out in the gym changes were slow and I was getting frustrated. I needed help to learn the proper way to work out to strengthen my core and make my efforts count.

It was then that I found a trainer to assist me in my wellness. The first thing that they explained was that I could workout everyday but if I did not make healthy food choices and begin a proper diet I was defeating my purpose in the gym. I also needed to follow up with my changes in my everyday actions. Study the proper food choices and when to eat these foods during the day too benefit my daily activities. To exercise when I could fit it into work day, a walk at lunch take the stairs not the elevator simply but invigorating ways to help me feel energized.

In changing my journey, life became so fulfilling.

All the activities I struggled to do or wished I could do I am now enjoying.

I am snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, canoeing, all sorts of fun activities. I struggled so hard to do these before and now am having the time of my life. I feel so much better physically that mentally I am new person I meet challenges with a new perspective and find myself handling these life’s challenges with a smile on my face.

I had one particular goal in mind to achieve as a reward to myself for my hard work in changing my diet and exercise and that was to climb the glacier in Lake Louise. I now feel that I am ready and am so looking forward to this achievement.

Although my goal was to be fit enough to climb this glacier, I did not begin to realize just how much this journey has enriched my life. I am healthier mentally and physically I no longer have health issues to worry about, my family is grateful that I will be around longer to enjoy life with them and our wonderful grandchildren. I am so happy with my healthy changes and as a reminder my fitbit continues to keep me honest daily (and my wife). Life is good, Life is great, don’t wait to make these choices late in life start now.

By Allan Louis, First Nations Health Council Interior Region (Okanagan Indian Band)