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Evolving Engagement Structure


Evolving how we engage: First Nations Health Council, First Nations Health Authority and First Nations Health Directors Association separate political and technical conversations.

The separation of business from politics is a hallmark of the BC First Nations Health Governance Structure. This principle is captured in our founding documents including the seven directives.

Through regional caucus evaluations and feedback from leadership The FNHC, FNHA and FNHDA have heard a clear message that we still have work to do to meet this principle.  We also heard that the best way to respect the time of both Chiefs and Health Directors is to continue to separate these conversations.

Since Transfer, the types of discussions and engagement we need to undertake in order to change the health system have grown in both scope and specificity. That’s why this spring we are introducing separate events for Chiefs and Health Directors and caregivers as follows.

Regional Health and Wellness Forums are new annual health service focused engagements and information sharing events. Two community delegates are invited to attend: one Health Director, and one additional attendee.

Regional Governance Caucuses are annual political and decision-making forums. One Chief or political lead is invited to attend.

Finally, every fall we will bring both conversations together in every region. The Fall Regional Health Assemblies will bring together the FNHA/FNHC/FNHDA to engage and share information on matters that are relevant to both political and technical leads, such as the Annual Report and Audited Statements.

2019/2020 is a learning year- there is an exception.

In an effort to ensure we are meeting the needs of Chiefs and Health Directors/Leads, the following outlines the evolved engagement activities for the coming year:

  • A two (2) day Governance Caucus for Political and Governance Leaders and Chiefs in Spring 2019 for 1 (one) political lead and 1 (one) Health Director/Lead (2019/2020 only)
  • A two (2) day Health and Wellness Forum for Community Caregivers and Health Directors, that will include FNHDA and FNHA in Spring 2019 for 1(one) Health Director/Lead and 1(one) additional attendee
  • A two (2) day Fall Regional Health Assembly for Leaders, Chiefs and Health Leads and Caregivers in Fall of 2019 for 1(one) political lead, 1(one) Health Director, and 1(one) technical lead

Next Steps

Please stay tuned for registration dates for the following upcoming events in your region.

Region Event Date Location
Interior Governance Caucus May 15-16, 2019 Registration Open!
Interior RHW Forum April 16-18, 2019 Registration Closed
Vancouver Island Governance Caucus June 4-6, 2019 TBD
Vancouver Island RHW Forum  TBD TBD
Fraser Governance Caucus June 10-11, 2019 TBD 
Fraser RHW Forum May 2-3, 2019  (Joint with VCC) Registration Open!
North  Governance Caucus June 25-26, 2019 Prince George
North  RHW Forum July 16-18, 2019 (TBC) Prince George
Vancouver Coastal Governance Caucus TBD (Looking to June) TBD
Vancouver Coastal RHW Forum May 2-3, 2019 (Joint with Fraser) Registration Open!

We encourage all Chiefs and Health Directors to remember to provide feedback through the evaluations on the evolving engagement structure at our upcoming meetings.

The FNHA, FNHDA and FNHC will report back on the feedback received on the evolving engagement structure based on evaluation data.

If you have any specific questions about the upcoming Regional Governance Caucuses, Regional Health and Wellness Forums, or Fall Regional Health Assembly please review the attached FAQs or get in touch with your regional teams.

Read the FAQs here (PDF 152 KB)