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First Nations Health Council Statement at GWX


Presented at the opening of Gathering Wisdom X, Vancouver BC

  • Over the past several months, leadership change has occurred within the First Nations Health Council (FNHC), First Nations Health Directors Association (FNHDA) as well as within operations of the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). Change is inevitable in any organization. As leaders, we are responsible to plan for both change and transition.
  • Given the current legal proceedings now before the courts, there are limitations to what can be said; however, the start of a new decade offers the opportunity to reflect on the last 10 years, to celebrate the successes and to grow from the challenges. 
  • The 2011 and 2012 Consensus papers and resolutions by Chiefs in Assembly at previous Gathering Wisdom Forums provided an understanding that “significant change requires shifts in attitude, behavior and mindset.” This understanding provides the foundation for the many achievements we’ve collectively realized on our journey to transform the First Nation health governance structure in BC.
  • The FNHC is committed to following the wisdom and 7 Directives provided by BC First Nations leadership: to uphold good governance principles, to support health transformation, and to make progress on the social determinants of health.
  • As 15 of 15, the FNHC continues to heal. We commit to work together to address communication, governance, as well as healing relationships through teachings and culture.
  • The FNHC is launching the Reclaiming Our Connections guidebook engagement process over the next 18 months. Through the guidebook process, we will be seeking direction from BC First Nations leadership on our mandate, roles and responsibilities.
  • The structure and roles of the FNHC will also be reviewed through an evaluation process. This evaluation is intended to assess the progress that we have made against the work mandated by BC First Nations leadership, and what impacts have resulted. We are humbly calling upon the collective wisdom from the First Nation leaders across BC, through the formation of a Chief’s Working Group. This Chief’s Working Group – made up of an appointed Chief’s representative, one (1) from each of the five (5) Regions – will help inform the FNHC’s evaluation statement of work by April 2020.
  • The FNHC remains committed to our main goal of moving from health transfer to health transformation. We need to continue to remember why we are here – we’re here for our people and the health of our people. We look forward to our work together at Gathering Wisdom.