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FNHC Weekly Bulletin | Issue 7


The FNHC’s bulletin is designed to provide BC First Nation Chiefs and leaders with a round-up of updates on the COVID-19 pandemic response and other relevant news. For the most current public health guidelines, visit FNHA.ca/coronavirus.

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Addressing Racism Investigation: Health Care Worker Survey due Aug 27

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond – commissioner for the Addressing Racism Investigation – is seeking responses from health care workers in BC.  Many Indigenous people who completed the survey for individuals are also health care workers. Those who work in B.C. health care are encouraged to complete the survey by August 27 regarding racism and discrimination in the system. You can find the survey here or email: address_racism@gov.bc.ca or call 1-888-600-3078.

FNHC reps join Mary Ellen at July 9 launch event

Summary: FNHC Meeting on Advocacy and Engagement Priorities

The FNHC met virtually on August 5 to discuss both immediate and long-term priorities. The working groups of the Council, focused on partnership and engagement, provided recommendations to the full FNHC.

The Council continues to be mindful that there are many unknowns, including the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall; however, as we continue to transition to a ’new normal­­’ we must plan and prepare.

Some of the discussion topics under review by the FNHC included:

  • Decisions on engagement options for the fall and beyond.
  • Guidance on the FNHC evaluation.
  • Decisions on timelines for upcoming partnership work with BC and Canada.
  • A joint planning session with the FNHA and FNHDA in September.
  • Extension to the MOU on Mental Health and Wellness.

More details will be shared over the coming weeks and months as they become available. 

FNHC Evaluation

The FNHC was created by BC Chiefs and leaders as the provincial political-level health advocacy organization within the BC First Nations health governance structure.

As announced at Gathering Wisdom X in January 2020, it is now time for BC Chiefs and leaders to help evaluate the FNHC. A Chief’s Working Group – comprised of at least one representative from each of the five (5) Regions – will be created to shape up the terms of reference for the evaluation. 

The Council sees this is an important step moving forward in the work of transforming health systems in BC. Additional details are to follow in a letter to be sent to all BC Chiefs and leaders for participation. 

Created by BC Chiefs and leaders, the FNHC has been steering First Nations health care in BC for more than ten years. Formed with a mandate to oversee transformation of the health system, make progress on the Social Determinants for Health and advocate for First Nations decision-making in health and wellness, the FNHC provides political leadership for implementation of Tripartite commitments and supports the health priorities for BC First Nations.

Joint FNHC-FNHDA Webinar on Cultural Safety & Humility

On July 30, the FNHC, in partnership with the FNHA and FNHDA, hosted an all Chiefs, leaders and Health Directors joint webinar. The session featured senior leaders from the FNHA and the Ministry of Health.

Highlights included:

  • Discussion on addressing and dismantling systemic racism.
  • Comments from Chris Mazurkewich, former CEO of Interior Health and consultant for the Ministry of Health.
  • Opportunities and discussion for hardwiring cultural safety and humility in the BC healthcare system.

The Health Council is working with FNHA to set up additional topic-specific sessions on key issues including how to keep the COVID-19 curve flat in BC. If you have suggestions for future webinars, please email sharedsecretariat@fnha.ca.

Please send comments or questions about this FNHC Bulletin to: sharedsecretariat@fnha.ca