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First Nations Health Council

The FNHC is a provincial-level political and advocacy organization that is representative of and accountable to BC First Nations, with the following mandate:

  • Dedicated political leadership for the implementation of the Health Plans
  • Provide continued political leadership for implementation of the TCA; FNHP and TFNHP
  • Reflect a philosophy and culture of trust, unity, honesty, humility, healthy living, traditional practices and teachings in operations, planning, and decision-making
  • Support to First Nations in achieving their health priorities and objectives
  • Support Community-Driven and Nation-Based approaches
  • Promote individual health and wellness responsibilities, including self-care and health literacy
  • Promote the transfer of health services to local and regional levels wherever possible, practical and feasible
  • Health Advocacy and Relationships
    • Health advocacy, knowledge sharing and collaboration with government partners and others at the highest levels (including internationally)
    • Advocacy for service improvements for First Nations
    • Provide a BC First Nations leadership perspective to research, policy, and program planning processes related to First Nations Health in BC
    • Develop relationships and alliances with other First Nations organizations, government Ministries and Departments, and others, to achieve progress in the social determinants of health
  • Politically oversee the transition of FNIH to a new First Nations Health Authority
  • Promote and ensure communication, transparency, cost-effectiveness and accountability of the FNHC to First Nations
    • Operate to a good governance standard including having an approved and transparent Terms of Reference; transparent processes; active, participatory members; cost-efficiency; professionalism; regular accountability and reporting; on-going evaluation of the role and benefit of the FNHC
    • Develop and implement a robust and sustainable communications strategy enabled by the Regional Tables

FNHC membership is regionally-driven by First Nations.  It is composed of a total of fifteen members – three members appointed by each of the five regions in BC.  Each region determines its own selection process for its members, including their length of term and appointment procedure.

The current FNHA Terms of Reference adopted on December 19, 2012 describes the FNHC mandate word for word per the Consensus Paper.