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Our Why

The First Nations Health Council (FNHC) is a provincial-level political and advocacy organization that represents — and is accountable to — First Nations in BC.

Why we exist

Gathering Wisdom 2023

At Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey XII, Chiefs and leaders came together and made a historic decision to approve the FNHC's 10-Year Strategy on the Social Determinants of Health: A Framework for the Future. Of the 173 Chiefs and leaders present, 86% voted endorsed the resolution — the highest level of support of any FNHC resolution. This level of support is significant and shows that the process for building consensus in the BC First Nations Health Governance Structure works.

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Our Approach

10-Year Strategy on the Social Determinants of Health

How to engage


FNHC representation is regionally-driven. Our 15-member Council includes three representatives appointed from each of BC's five regions who support First Nations in achieving their health priorities and objectives.

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