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The Northern Region consists of 54 First Nations communities, in which each community elects their own Chief based on their own selection process.


In the creation of the Northern Regional Caucus, the leadership created three sub-regional groups geographically including a North East, North West and North Central sub-regions. Each sub-region governs their work through a Terms of Reference and have their own selection process for appointing their Health Council representative.


Through the Northern Regional Caucus, political and technical leaders in health work together to involve First Nations leadership in the planning and monitoring of health services that impact First Nation communities in the North.


Ernie French-Downey
North Central Sub-Region, Northern Region
Chief Tracey Woods (Gitanmaax)
North West Sub-Region, Northern Region
Bev Lambert
(Kōkōminaw) Northeast Sub-Region, Northern Region

Regional Structure

The table acts as an Executive body to the Interior Region Caucus, carrying out directions in between Caucus sessions. The following provides a description on the Interior Region Governance structure today.

51 Communities
  • Blueberry River First Nation
  • Doig River First Nation
  • Fort Nelson First Nation
  • Halfway River First Nation
  • Saulteau First Nation
  • Tsaa Tse K’Nai First Nation
  • West Moberly Lake First Nations
  • Burns Lake Band
  • Cheslatta Carrier Nation
  • Kwadacha Nation
  • Lake Babine Nation
  • Lheidli T’enneh
  • McLeod Lake
  • Nadleh Whuten
  • Nak’azdli Band
  • Nazko
  • Nee-Tahi-Buhn Band
  • Saik’uz First Nation
  • Skin Tyee Nation
  • Stellat’en First Nation
  • Takla Lake First Nation
  • Tl’azt’en Nation
  • Tsay Keh Dene
  • Wet’suwet’en First Nation
  • Yekooche
  • Daylu Dena Council
  • Dease River Band Council
  • Gingolx
  • Gitanmaax
  • Gitanyow
  • Gitga'at First Nation
  • Gitlaxt’aamiks
  • Gitsegukla
  • Gitwangak
  • Gitwinksihlkw
  • Gitxaala Nation
  • Hagwilget Village
  • Haisla Nation
  • Iskut
  • Kispiox
  • Kitselas Band Council
  • Kitsumkalum Band
  • Laxgalt’sap
  • Lax Kw’alaams First Nation
  • Metlakatla Indian Band
  • Moricetown
  • Old Massett Village Council
  • Sik-e-dakh Village
  • Skidegate Band
  • Tahltan Nation
  • Taku River Tlingit First Nation
Three Nation Territories
  • North East
  • North Central
  • North West
Northern First Nations Health Caucus


North East

Executive: Bev Lambert

North Central

Executive: Wilf Adman

North West

Executive: Chief Tracey Woods (Gitenmaax)

Regional Priorities

Each region specifies its priorities aligned with the 7 Directives that guide the work of our Health Governance Structure.

  1. Population and Public Health

  2. Primary Healthcare

  3. Mental Wellness and Substance Use

Regional Documents

Regional documents signify major strides on the path to First Nations reconciliation and self determination. Documents specific to the Northern Region are listed below.

Health and Wellness Plan

Northern Regional Health and Wellness Plan (2013)

Download PDF

The Regional Health and Wellness Plan outlines the Northern Region's strategic health priorities.

Partnership Accord

Northern Partnership Accord (2012)

Download PDF

The Partnership Accord describes the relationship amongst the Northern Regional Health Caucus, Northern Health and First Nations Health Authority, and their shared commitment to improving health outcomes for Northern First Nations.