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Vancouver Coastal

The Vancouver Coastal Region consists of 14 First Nations communities; all of which vary in size including many isolated communities. Each community elects a First Nations Chief based on their own selection process.


Vancouver Coastal First Nations formed the Vancouver Coastal Caucus to coordinate and oversee health development in the Region, which provides the space for political leaders and health technicians to convene regularly. The Caucus advocates on behalf on their sub-regions and plays an important role in the creation of the Vancouver Coastal Partnership Agreement, the partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health and the First Nations Health Authority.


Each First Nation or community has one political and one technical representative, for a total of 28 representatives at the Vancouver Coastal Caucus. Three members from the Caucus are selected to sit on the First Nations Health Council and form part of the Vancouver Coastal First Nations Regional Table, which acts as a strategic group working alongside various partners including Vancouver Coastal Health. Each sub-region also appoints one representative to the Council to represent them at a provincial level, working with the Vancouver Coastal Caucus to provide direction to their FNHC representative.


Gabe Williams
Southern Stl’atl’imx Sub-Region, Vancouver Coastal Region
Wade Grant
South Coastal, Vancouver Coastal Region
Maria Martin
Maria Martin
(g’líxvstaqlalh) Central Coast Sub-Region, Vancouver Coastal Region

Regional Structure

The table acts as an Executive body to the Interior Region Caucus, carrying out directions in between Caucus sessions. The following provides a description on the Interior Region Governance structure today.

14 Communities
  • Musqueam
  • Shishalh
  • Tla'amin
  • Squamish
  • Tsleil-Waututh
  • Lil'wat
  • N'Quatqua
  • Samahquam
  • Skatin
  • Xa’xsta
  • Heiltsuk
  • Kitasoo/Xai’xais
  • Nuxalk
  • Wuikinuxv
Three Nation Territories
  • South Coast
  • Southern Stl'atl'imx
  • Central Coast
Coastal First Nations Health Caucus


South Coast

FNHC Representative: Wade Grant

Southern Stl'atl'imx

FNHC Representative: Gabe Williams

Central Coast

FNHC Representative: Maria Martin

Regional Priorities

Each region specifies its priorities aligned with the 7 Directives that guide the work of our Health Governance Structure.

  1. Health Governance

  2. Wholistic Wellness and Health Service Delivery

  3. Human Health Resources (Operational Excellence)

Regional Documents

Regional documents signify major strides on the path to First Nations reconciliation and self determination. Documents specific to the Vancouver Coastal Region are listed below.

Wellness Plan

Vancouver Coastal Regional Health and Wellness Plan (2016)

Download PDF

The Regional Health and Wellness Plan outlines the Vancouver Coastal Region's strategic health priorities.

Partnership Accord

Vancouver Coastal Partnership Accord (2012)

Download PDF

The Partnership Accord describes the relationship amongst the Vancouver Coastal Regional Health Caucus, Vancouver Coastal Health and First Nations Health Authority, and their shared commitment to improving health outcomes for Vancouver Coastal First Nations.