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The Regions

The First Nations Health Council health governance process is an inclusive one that seeks to involve BC First Nations through regional-level caucuses that correspond to each of British Columbia’s five Health Regions.


The Regional Health Governance Caucuses form a key part of the health governance process, carrying information from the communities to the Provincial level and vice versa. The creation of a responsive and transparent health governance structure relies upon these Regional Caucuses.  At the regional level Nations bring together their concerns and issues and strive to develop common approaches to bring to the Health Council.

Regional Caucuses form the backbone of the movement to reform health governance for BC First Nations, providing the First Nations leaders to the collective body (Health Council) and direction on what form health governance will take. First Nations in each region are responsible for appointing representatives to the Caucus, choosing representatives from the Caucus to sit on the Health Council, and to create a nation-based, community-driven process that works for that region.

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