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The FNHC health governance process is an inclusive one that seeks to involve BC First Nations through regional-level caucuses within each of the five health regions.

FNHC Overview

The FNHC is regionally-driven by a 15-person Council, with three representatives elected from each region in BC. Each region determines its own selection process such as length of term and appointment procedures.

Regional Caucuses form the backbone of our journey to reform health governance for BC First Nations. Held twice a year each spring and fall, Regional Caucuses provide a forum for First Nations Chiefs and leaders to provide their guidance, wisdom and input on health and wellness prirorities.


Members of the FNHC also play a key role in planning and implementing the FNHC Engagement and Approvals pathways.

Our Approach


The Regional Health Governance Caucuses form a key part of the health governance process, carrying information from the communities to the Provincial level and vice versa. Regionally, Nations bring together their concerns and issues and strive to develop common approaches to bring to the Health Council.

Our Why


Our collective success comes from our commitment to seeking guidance, input and wisdom directly from BC Chiefs, leaders and Health Directors. Using the FNHC-developed Engagement & Approvals Pathway, community guidance informs regional perspectives, which informs provincial consensus-building and the FNHC's strategic direction on specific issues and decisions.