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Our why

Created by Chiefs and leaders in BC, the FNHC has been steering the transformation of First Nations health care for more than ten years. Our made-in-BC model for First Nations Health Governance Structure is a first for Canada and one of only a few in the world.

Our History

Formed with a mandate to oversee transformation of the health system, make progress on the Social Determinants for Health and advocate for First Nations decision-making in health and wellness, the FNHC provides political leadership for implementation of Tripartite commitments and supports the health priorities for BC First Nations.

Our journey began with the signing of the Transformative Change Accord in 2007 by the FNHC, the Province of BC and the Government of Canada to address health disparities between First Nations and other BC residents.


Along with implementing the Tripartite agreements, part of our original mandate was overseeing the transition to a new FNHA. Looking toward Gathering Wisdom XII in September 2022, BC Chiefs and leaders are now providing their wisdom, input and guidance on how best to evolve the FNHC mandate and role.


Work of the FNHC and its pillar partners, the FNHA and FNHDA, is rooted in a shared vision: Healthy, Self-Determining and Vibrant BC First Nations Children, Families and Communities.

Our Seven Directives

The FNHA, FNHC and FNHDA receive direction from Indigenous community leaders and Nations across BC's five regions through authentic engagement. First Nations in BC developed these directives to describe the fundamental standards and instructions for our new health governance relationship.

  1. Directive #1: Community-Driven, Nation-Based
  2. Directive #2: Increase First Nations Decision-Making and Control
  3. Directive #3: Improve Services
  4. Directive #4: Foster Meaningful Collaboration and Partnership
  5. Directive #5: Develop Human and Economic Capacity
  6. Directive #6: Be Without Prejudice to First Nations Interests
  7. Directive #7: Function at a High Operational Standard

Governance Structure

We have produced two diagrams to illustrate the key health governance documents and perspectives of this structure created by BC First Nations, for First Nations.