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Social Determinants Of Health

Since that time, guided by the wisdom of our First Nations leaders, the FNHC has provided leadership to:

  • The implementation of the Transformative Change Accord: First Nations Health Plan and the Tripartite First Nations Health Plan and subsequent agreements. These agreements establish a Tripartite commitment to improve the health and well-being of all First Nations in BC through increased First Nations decision-making, enabled by a new First Nations health governance structure.
  • The establishment of the 7 Directives, which describes the fundamental standards and instructions for the new health governance arrangement, 6 values, corporate governance requirements, and competencies for the Board of Directors.
  • The establishment of the Governance Structures – FNHC, FNHDA, FNHA, Regional Caucuses structures and mandates, a holistic First Nations Health model.
  • The creation of the Governance Processes – the Engagement and Approval Pathway and processes for Reciprocal Accountability.
  • Conclude the Health Partnership Accord and sub-agreements to the Framework Agreement, and establish the tripartite Implementation Committee and Implementation Plan.
  • Adopting a holistic First Nations health governance model – meaning one that blends the best of available non-profit, corporate, and legislative models.
  • The establishment of Regional Offices to bring capacity, communications, collaboration, and planning closer to home, and the development of an annual Community Engagement Plan.
  • Support an evaluation of the First Nations health governance structure, to support ongoing learning and improvement.
  • Support the ongoing growth and development of work at the regional level, through supporting Regional Caucuses to develop Regional Tables.

In October 2013, BC First Nations achieved a momentous milestone with the transfer of FNIHB-BC to the new FNHA, the first and only province-wide First Nations health authority in Canada. With the FNHA assuming responsibility for programs and services formerly administered by Health Canada, we continue to provide early efforts in transformation stage, through providing oversight to the ongoing transformation of health policy, partnership, and programs in BC, and expanding our efforts into the social determinants of health.   We need to ensure that we manage change effectively, and not allowing change to manage us and in a manner that is consistent with the 7 Directives and governance values.

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